Adrien grenier dating

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Adrien grenier dating

This year all the fermentation started quite quickly, it's working at its pace.

He has some analysis made at a lab to check if there is any volatile.

He aknowledges that he has a few missing vines to replant, and certain parcels have to be replanted totally (after an eventual uprooting).

His surface is 100 % gamay plus one hectare of chardonnay.

August was rather correct after the first 10 days and they managed to do some plowings to get rid of the weeds but at the end of august they prefered to stop plowing because the tractor could damage the grapes if it touched the rows and vines, and they ended up using a wire trimmer for the remaining grass.

there was no incentive to work organicly, the grapes were purchased at the same price with no difference if the vineyard was plowed and organic, so he waited to get free of the contract to conveert the surface.Plus, he says that natural wines nowadays are not as weird as a few years ago, the vintners master their art better and you don't find the faults, the volatile you used to find in many wines, now natural wines behave better.The administrative checks consider two level in the faults, he says, the minor () type, and although natural wines including his are often categorized as "major fault", this is not prohibitive, meaning that they can still sell the wine, they will just get a warning and may have a subsequent administrative check in the cellar in the following months as a result.Like in most wine regions, young vignerons keep popping up, people who follow the same hard-work philosophy in the vineyard with minimum intervention in the cellar, and certainly no additives except minimal sulfur (if any).Remi Dufaître is one of them, I met him a couple years ago in a Paris tasting (Les Beaux Macs) and liked particularly one of his wines, L'Air de rien 2011, a carbonic maceration of gamay, devoid of any SO2, an unfiltered wine that was a pleasure to swallow.

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Saint-Etienne-des-Oullières (Beaujolais) Beaujolais is with Anjou (and the Loire at large) the most dynamic French wine region on the artisan-wine scene, and it has probably a lot to do with fact that the few winegrowers who initiated the natural wine culture with the guidance of Jules Chauvet (Breton, Lapierre, Foillard and Metras) were based in this region.