Elf dating game cheats

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Elf dating game cheats

4) A few new bosses and enemies now lurk the playing field! He uses duel blades and can also master the power of black magic. CALVIN; Dagree's old wizard buddy from Vitality Island joins up once again to prove something to the world.

And of course, a new evil haunts the land that must be punished! I used about 300 battle animations to keep the action fresh (a lot are seen out in the field)! The Main Characters that you will control; DAGREE; the dark elf returns and is currently looking for something to do with his time.

For starters, notice in my guide, for HDD users, the path to place their ELFs are in the APPS folder. But then this could change if they prefer a different path to store their OPL folders.

Not sure if HDD users can select a different path or it's only specific to the APPS folder? But do I need to lock-down the HDD path or can that be custom as well?

Keep in mind that there were some changes made and it's a little tougher. Marvin Plains; A large field that connects with most of the areas! Landfill Swamp; Zombie infested area that can be a little tricky. Oasis Retreat; A small town with some of the best trades. Movin' Manor; This is where the final boss awaits you, and the ending.

If you list the same game twice (named exactly the same) it will not list the game in OPL. I added the "Final Cut" version of the game in the download section. THE MAIN AREAS; Basil Woods; The first area with good ol' fasion training! WARGON; Dagree's new minion who has a variety of moves; course only a mysterious being can teach him the ways of the demon. And out of boredom, she figured out how to speak with the furry animals.We think it has to do with the game's file name, but we haven't really explored it. I say if by chance POPStarter is updated what I should do normally would not it be to pick up the "ELFS" from my games and rename them all with the new POPStarter ELF?So what's the point, PSXVCD will also do the work with a new version (ELF) of POPStarter?

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When you say cfg file I assume you mean the conf_file ?

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