Free dominant chat

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Free dominant chat

The monetization challenge is real, but a few contenders have blazed a trail.

Kik, for example, uses branded bots, while the Asian apps have demonstrated that features like car services, game marketplaces, and food delivery can drive legitimate revenue.

As you can see from the slide above, messaging apps dominate both usage and numbers of sessions.

The two metrics are important signifiers for tech companies that want to keep audience attention for as long as possible and bring in potential advertising dollars.

Overall, it’s an interesting strategy for Whats App.

The lack of monetization has meant ridiculous growth, but the company’s revenue pales in comparison to some smaller competitors.

Whats App’s relatively small revenue is perhaps the best evidence that supports why this chart’s estimates are so grim, but it’ll be worth watching what happens if Facebook begins to monetize Whats App once it passes 1 billion users.

Zuckerberg and company may just prove these researchers wrong.

The company also credit its success to a clear focus on the core messaging product and a decision to avoid any advertising on the app.

Source: Global Web Index It would be a mistake to make assumptions about global usage tendencies based on one graph, but, at least with Snapchat, users tend not stick to with one messaging platform.

In countries where certain apps are more dominant, such as China and Japan (Snapchat is actually banned in China), it’s likely that these numbers aren’t nearly as high.

Here are five of the most insightful and illustrative charts for anyone hoping to understand just how important messaging apps are to the future of communication.

Source: KPCB Mary Meeker’srecent Internet trends report took a close look at the rise of messaging apps, and for good reason.

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Facebook is pretty much the only platform that has come close to true global reach, and most messaging apps haven’t been around long enough to realistically reach similar numbers.

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