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Passport size pic online dating

'I had to chase around and eventually found a neighbour who was a teacher to sign the pictures.' A spokesman for the Passport Service said it was not policy to reject applications with bare shoulders.

'The guidance set out on the application form doesn't include it, this picture should have been absolutely fine,' she added.

But the Home Office has updated the rulebook so the application is finally a lot smoother.

'The referees who had signed the original application were not available,' she said.Despite being able to send it in yourself, you’ll still have to get someone else to take it for you.So it can’t be a selfie and you still can’t smile but once you’ve snapped your picture, the rest is taken care of.The Home Office will crosscheck the photos against its database using facial recognition.But the move has raised concerns with photography outlets - fearing they’ll be driven out of business.

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Monarch staff sobbed as they cleared their desks today and drowned their sorrows in airport bars after coming to work only to learn the airline collapsed overnight.