Russkaya mama abasala sinochka

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Mom first time in the off-season cost the without rhinitis And previously could not cure him podolry and no medication, drugs and drops do not help. I stopped drinking painkillers in large chunks to weather change, and indeed my terrible almost daily migraine become a rare weak headaches disappeared appetite problems, And after poisoning in the restaurant there was enough of a tablespoon of Soul to bring me to the senses, although I was very, very bad.

She was assigned another 6 cycles of chemotherapy 2-th level in order to separate the formation from the organs.

She was made 6 cycles, which did not have any significant effect.Everything is simple: every cell of the body receives the necessary vitamins, micronutrients, minerals, it functions correctly and leads the organism to the desired order. All good day) I want to share the good news) got soul and core of her grandmother, her 74 years.The result was already 3 days after reception - held heaviness in the stomach Improved digestion, gone puffiness legs, hands and face, no pain in the liver.Today 12-day reception, my grandmother ecstatic, as only health is improved), and we have already started to drink the whole family - for our health and the health of our family - the most important thing. Spring picked up a viral infection, a weak immune system (sick with seasonal 4 years) allergy to bloom, house dust and animal dander.In the summer I kept 37,0-37,4 temperature of about 2 months.

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I decided quite unexpectedly for myself Try to smear immediately with a mixture of KOR SOUL (what was immediately at hand !!!

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