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Literally getting away with murder, the film was left open ended meaning evil Mick Taylor still remains a deadly threat to all that cross his path.

The upcoming sequel has been in development for a while although finally has a February release date in Australia so hopefully mad Mick will be making his way over to the UK very soon.

On the short film circuit, Jill Sixx Gevargizian has recently garnered attention for Call Girl, a menacing little piece that’s interestingly shot, starring Tristan Risk and Laurence R Harvey, and in 2013 Isabel Peppard created an innovative and beautiful stop-motion animation titled which was most recently screened at Australia’s Monster Fest.

A groundbreaking all female anthology is also on its way, the eagerly anticipated XX that’ll feature segments from Jennifer Chambers Lynch and Mary Harron to name a few.

It upped the ante on the home invasion sub-genre by bringing in a well-crafted concept that made it a little less conventional than the standard fare.

A sequel has recently been announced and it will certainly be intriguing to see if it manages to hold up as well as it’s predecessor through replicating the formula or whether this is an attempt to place franchises.

Nubile teens being picked off by a religiously inspired killer with a big hook is hardly a fresh premise.

It’s Hollywood premiere is taking place on January 10th at the Shockfest Film Festival.Otherwise, there’s nothing particularly surprising. Not too much orginal stuff in this teens being stalked by killer horror.Posted in Ghostface Girls, Women in Horror Recognition Month with tags Adam Wingard, Ax Wound, Blood Drive PSA, Butterflies, Call Girl, Danielle Harris, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, Essie Davis, Ghostface Girls, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Hannah Neurotica, Housebound, Isabel Peppard, Jen and Sylvia Soska, Jennifer Chambers Lynch, Jennifer Kent, Jessica Cameron, Jill Sixx, Laurence R.There hasn’t been much information as of yet surrounding the plot therefore its unknown if it deals with the aftermath of the first film or whether its a prequel.Two tie-in novels have been penned by Mclean himself, detailing Mick Taylor’s bloody origins, was one of my favourite genre offerings of last year.

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Hopefully a UK release date will be on the cards or some festival screenings this coming year.

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