Site meter not updating

Posted by / 09-Jul-2017 19:42

Site meter not updating

The In Home Display issued alongside the smart meter should still continue to operate and show you near real time information about your energy consumption.

A solution is being developed to move SMETS1 meters remotely into the national smart metering system, so consumers with these meters retain their smart services on switching. has introduced rules designed to help domestic consumers understand if the smart services they receive will be maintained when they switch energy supplier.

You will also be able to download more detailed historic data from your home network, should you wish to.

Your energy company, and the energy networks, can access appropriate data to enable them to send you accurate bills and carry out other essential tasks.

The government has ensured that appropriate consumer protection provisions have been put in place: These provisions are outlined in the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice.

There is no rate increase anticipated in association with this project.

Following the installation, the next bill that members receive will have two readings: one for the old meter and one for the new meter. This is a system wide initiative to improve service and reduce costs. The cooperative will change 100 percent of existing residential and commercial meters.

If so then your account is in the process of being updated. As soon as your new meter details are updated on your account you will be able to provide meter readings for your new meter.

Please provide your new Meter Serial Number, a current meter reading and the date your meter was changed when you contact us.

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Suppliers will have to get your consent to access half-hourly data, or to use data for marketing purposes. You will also be able to share data with third parties (such as switching sites) if you want them to give you advice on the best tariff for you.