Updating eclipse ubuntu

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Updating eclipse ubuntu

FSNamesystem: supergroup = supergroup 15/04/18 INFO namenode.FSNamesystem: is Permission Enabled = true 15/04/18 INFO namenode.Block Manager: dfs.block.access.token.enable=false 15/04/18 INFO blockmanagement.Block Manager: default Replication = 1 15/04/18 INFO blockmanagement.Adding new user `hduser' (1001) with group `hadoop' ... [Y/n] Y Hadoop requires SSH access to manage its nodes, i.e. For our single-node setup of Hadoop, we therefore need to configure SSH access to localhost.So, we need to have SSH up and running on our machine and configured it to allow SSH public key authentication.

It is used to specify the directories which will be used as the namenode and the datanode on that host.

The format command should be issued with write permission since it creates current directory under /usr/local/hadoop_store/hdfs/namenode folder: [email protected]:~$ hadoop namenode -format DEPRECATED: Use of this script to execute hdfs command is deprecated. STARTUP_MSG: java = 1.7.0_65 ************************************************************/ 15/04/18 INFO namenode.

Name Node: registered UNIX signal handlers for [TERM, HUP, INT] 15/04/18 INFO namenode.

Block Manager: max Replication Streams = 2 15/04/18 INFO blockmanagement.

Block Manager: should Check For Enough Racks = false 15/04/18 INFO blockmanagement.

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Hadoop uses SSH (to access its nodes) which would normally require the user to enter a password.

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