Worst dating cities us

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Worst dating cities us

Possibly hard to believe, Barcelona is another major city that finds itself on the side of the list for poor quality tap water in Spain.OCU discovered an elevated level of aerobio microorganisms in the water samples from the Catalan city when they were tested.As well as gaining the top position for the quality of water, the water in Burgos also ended up in seventh position in relation to the amount of money residents have to pay.In other words, if you live in Burgos, you can enjoy the healthiest tap water in Spain for one of the cheapest prices paid.It was actually prohibited to use the tap water to drink or even to cook with.

The tap water here is characterised by a low mineralisation and from the tiny amount of calcium, or limescale, that it contains.

While the water here isn’t the worst in the country, you may want to think twice about how much of it you drink.

It hasn’t been classified as non-drinking water, but it is true that changes have to be made for it to be classed as good drinking water.

And, this problem is not a new one for Ciudad Real, as the permitted level of trihalomethane was exceeded in 20, and it also came very close in 2009, meaning that measures to solve the problem were not taken.

Palma de Mallorca is another city on the black list for the quality of water, particularly when it comes to cleanliness and contamination.

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However, considering that in previous years Madrid's water was ranked in first position, this result is nothing to be ecstatic about.